giovedì 14 gennaio 2010

...Characters :D

Moe - Hart - Sara

Simpatici personaggini realizzati in un paio d'ore.

The happy characters realized in 2 hours.

2 commenti:

Fabian ha detto...

In 2 hours??!! That is fast! They look amazing, i love the designs, specially the little one, my favorite. Elo, will you go to the BD Festival in Angouleme? Please lte me know. :)
Have an amazing weekend!

EloElo ha detto...

Yes, 2 hours.
I'm fast to create the characters, but I have some problems to think a story for them.

Anyway, about Angouleme.
I'd like to come in, but I does not organized to this traveling at the moment.

You'll go this year?